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Schaut man sich die Bilder von Lilly Marthe Ebeners neuer Strick-kollektion an, möchte man am liebsten mit einem Baby-Alpaka kuscheln, es auf den Arm nehmen und mit nachhause nehmen. Ganz ein bisschen kann man das sogar, dank ihren Pulllöverchen, Mützen und Stramplern im Retrolook. Die stammen nämlich allesamt von peruanischen Baby-Alpakas, deren feinste, gekämmte Wolle in Deutschland nach alter Tradition von Hand vestrickt wird.

Lilly Marthe Ebener lebt in Paris und ist gleichzeitig Stylistin, Moderedakteurin und Designerin. Ihre Inspiration bezieht sie aus Farben, Bildern, Tönen und Geschmäckern der unterschiedlichsten Länder und Kulturen. Pro Jahr erscheint nur eine Baby-Kollektion, immer im Herbst. Das Ziel von Lilly Marthe Ebener ist es, in Zukunft neben deutschen Strickerinnen auch peruanische Frauen und ihre Handwerkskunst zu involvieren. Und ihr ganz grosser Wunsch, eines Tages in Paris eigene Baby-Alpakas zu besitzen.

Zum Kuscheln.


LUNA n°35 Nov./Dez.2012

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MUM n°7 HERBST 2012

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Shopping list:

lilly marthe ebener ivory booties
Blablakids Cloud Pillow Pink
Babe & Tess baby hat
Storage bags
Pink bodysuit

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” Cardigan Franzi” collection 03 Baby baked by Vogue Bambini at Playtime 2012

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We all know that children’s fashion in Europe can not be compared to that in the US, and Lilly Marthe-Ebener’s childrenswear collection is the perfect example. Working in Paris as a fashion editor, stylist, and designer Marthe-Ebener is able to bring the experience of all three of those talents into the design, production and presentation of infinitely charming childrenswear collection.

Lilly Marthe-Ebener returns to the ancient art of the loom to revive the true artisan. The collection is produced in Germany by master weavers dedicated solely to her production using 100% natural fibers.

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Playtime Paris

January 29, 2012
written by Courtney & Esther

We have just come back from a busy, fun-filled weekend in Paris. We spent the first day doing a lot of walking and a bit of shopping, and spent the second day at the fabulous Playtime Paris children’s trade show. Now our suitcases are full, our minds are inspired and our feet are tired!

Some of our favourite new discoveries at the show were:

Cotton and Milk, a UK-based brand with the most exquisite knitwear and cool branding (see the animals wearing glasses below!).
Grey Area, the new maternity line from Ada Ada which can be worn before pregnancy, during and after.
Quenotte, a new French label. We really liked the jackets!
Noé & Zoë, with loads of bright neon colours (and we love their collaboration with Tannhäuser!).
Lilly Marthe Ebener, with their gorgeously soft hand-knitted pieces all in stunning colours.
Hase Weiss, with the cool modular doll houses and sweet music boxes situated right next to the wonderful Gabriela Pardo and her funky plush guitars.
Goatmilk, a cool underwear label from NYC.

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After studying Fashion design in Paris, Lilly Marther Ebener’s career progressed to working for the Fashion Editor of French Vogue. After which, she worked freelance for a number of publications including PARADIS, Italian MUSE, Japanese Vogue, as well as advertising brands such as Cartier, Boucheron, Guerlain, Louis Vuitton and Dior Cosmetic. All this hard work, dedication and focus led her to starting her own label in 2009. Lilly Marthe Ebener Collections are more than just clothing; they capture the spirit, vitality and sincerity of nature. Beautifully handmade and 100% all natural wool blends, each piece emphasises where the body ends and nature begins. Inspired by the colors, sounds and tastes of different countries & cultures, inspired and moulded by her work as a Fashion Editor, Lilly Marthe realised her vision of a collection focusing on elemental colours, richness and texture, and a return to craftmanship.

Here she tells us a little more about what goes in to creating her collections and why she switched teams from Editorial to Design.

Please can you describe your job for us and how you got there… I work as a freelance fashion-editor and developed my own brand 3 years ago. As fashion Edior I work for different international publications to do editorials, Vogue Taiwan, Italian Muse…..I also work in advertising, mostly still-life for cosmetics, perfume and  jewelry campaigns. 3 years ago i started to work on my own hand-knitted brand, were i develop collection’s for woman and baby using natural alpaca-wool. What is your earliest fashion memory? Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Why womenswear? Do you think you would ever move into menswear? Menswear could be interesting too, but you cant’ do everything, and I prefer to focus on what really attracts me, it is women’s-wear and baby-wear. What’s the concept behind your latest collection? The concept is always close to nature, as natural as possible, as most cocooning as possible. You work with entirely natural fibers, has this always been something that is important to you? It is very important to me to produce a product the most natural as possible and to produce it with true artisan who need to take their time to handicraft the piece, so that each piece becomes individual and unique. Although your collection is eco friendly, is has serious style and edge. Is getting strong reaction to your work, something you consciously thought about achieving during your design process? As I work also as fashion-editor I am constantly stimulated, it shapes my vision on fashion and contributes to my creative work. What is your favourite piece from the current collection and why? It is the cardigan ” Hildegunde” in orange, its timeless, chic and very cocooning. Why you choose Paris for your fashion training? Because Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world for me, it gives you constantly inspiration. If you where not making clothes, what would you be doing? Studying animal behaviors. Which symbols of female iconography never leave your inspiration? Audrey Hepburn and Romy Schneider. Who are some of your favourite designers and why? Jil Sander for its simplicity. Prada for it’s creativity. Who would you most love to collaborate with? Miuccia Prada. What are your plans for 2012? Continue to grow with the collection and having my baby in february 2012. What is the best advice you can give to a fashion student? To first make their experiences in big houses.


My favourite place is… Paris.  I hate it when… people are grumpy and rude.  I have fond memories of… traveling.  I love… cooking for friends. I consider myself to be… ambitious. I wouldn’t be where I am now without… dreaming. The most inspirational people in my life are… people from all over the world doing handicrafts. At the moment I am reading…babybooks:) My house is… a peaceful shelter


Chanel Campagne 2011/2012

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